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Transform your medical aesthetics practice into an industry powerhouse

through expert marketing strategies designed to convert prospects into lifelong patients




You're an aesthetic genius, not a marketing expert.

If you've attempted to create a website or marketing collateral for your practice you've no doubt felt stuck trying to figure out how to create something visually appealing, how to talk about your products and services, and how to set yourself apart in this saturated industry. It's frustrating as hell!
Building a practice should be fulfilling & exciting. As a seasoned marketing veteran I will help you,

Capture Attention

Attract a ready-to-buy audience and convert them to patients

Build Trust In Your Brand

Position yourself as a trusted authority and the only choice for your patients

Grow Your Practice

Fill your patient pipeline & increase lifetime customer value

It doesn't matter whether you're a start-up or an established clinic, 

you have the potential to dominate the industry and blow your competition away.

Stop depleting your resources on marketing that doesn't work.

All of your marketing (whether digital or print) should position you as a trusted industry expert, generate inquiries and foster an emotional connection with your audience. Your patients desire beauty and confidence I'll help you create a brand narrative that promises to deliver.

Expert Guidance

24 years in Design & Marketing, combined with extensive training in brand messaging have provided me with the knowledge required to grow your practice through patient attraction, conversion & retention.

Options To Suit Your Needs

I'll meet you where you are in your business. From pre-built start-up packages to fully customized messaging strategies and collateral, there's something for every phase of clinic development.

Killer Marketing

With stunning visuals and strong messaging you will garner an unmatched level of authority, professionalism, and trust in your brand. Your practice will be a significant force to be reckoned with in the med spa space.

"Christine has got a magical knack of taking her clients ideas and blowing them up into her version, which ends up being 10 times better than the original idea. Her amazing skill set and her genius creativity are by far the best in the biz! "

Leisa Krauss, CEO Vanity Empire Consulting
AKA The Bitch'n Beautician
Marketing is a multi-faceted beast that'll deplete your budget and your sanity if you don't know how to tackle it.
I'm Christine – Marketing master, design veteran and CEO of Gold Raven Studio. My 24 years of experience have strengthened my ability to position my clients as industry experts, set them apart from their competition, and support sustainable growth in their businesses. I guess what I'm saying is, you don't have to do this alone.
  • Need a website and marketing for your clinic?  
  • Don't know the first thing about professional design? 
  • Not sure how to talk about your products and services? 
  • Wondering how to generate more patient leads? 
  • Don't know what the hell you need?  
It's my job (and my passion) to take the weight of the marketing beast off your shoulders and transform your brand into absolute GOLD...I got you!
Work With Me


  • ​Messaging Strategies

  • Lead Generation Strategies

  • Email Sales Campaigns

  • Email Nurture Campaigns

  • Website Development 

  • Copywriting

  • Logo Design

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Packages

  • Service Brochures

  • Membership Brochures

  • Stationery Packages

  • Promotional & Networking Material

  • In-House Advertising

  • Event Marketing & Advertising 

Working with Gold Raven Studio means you can hang up your marketing hat (or burn it) and focus on what you do best. In fact...fetch me the matches!
The process is easy!


Schedule a 30 minute strategy session 


Choose a package or customize your services 


Watch your revenues skyrocket

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Gold Swoosh
Gold Swoosh
Portrait of Christine

Start-Up packages also available!

Get in touch for more information or to receive a customized quote

Portrait of Christine
Website examples
StoryBrand Certified Guide
The Bitch'n Beautician

Do you need practice management support?

Leisa at Vanity Empire Consulting will assist you, no matter where you are in the stages of your business. Her highly customized approach will specifically target your needs to ensure you are maximizing your growth and potential in the industry. It's Aesthetic Business consulting at its finest.

WHAT? You haven't heard of her? 🤯

Perhaps you've heard of the Bitch'n Beautician. That's Leisa! She's an industry legend having treated thousands of patients, worked with hundreds of clinics, and managed numerous aesthetic teams.
Visit her website to find out how she can launch your practice to staggering heights.
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